The final phases of the sports competitions organised by the University and School Sports union of Burkina Faso (USSU-BF) was played between the 16 – 23 May 2021 in Tenkodogo. The event which featured ten universities and over 1000 students competed in seven sports disciplines, namely football, handball, volleyball, basketball, athletics, judo and wrestling. 

Some of the schools that took part includes; Joseph KI ZERBO University, University of Fada, Banfora University Center, CU de Gaoua, Kaya’s CU, Dédougou CU, CU of Ouahigouya, Dori’s CU, Norbert Zongo University in Koudougou, etc.

Joseph KI ZERBO University won the Men’s Volleyball events 

The Nazi Boni University of Bobo-Dioulasso won the final of the Burkina Faso School and University Sports Union (USSU-BF) by beating the Norbert Zongo University of Koudougou in the final (3-0).

The 2021 USSU-BF handball final kept its promises both in terms of the technical and physical qualities demonstrated by the students. It took a penalty shootout to decide between the two teams. In this exercise of skill and luck, it was the Nazi Boni University (UNB) that won by 4 goals against 3 after a draw (23 # 23) in regulation time.

In the girls event, Nazi Boni University lost in the final to the Institute of Science, Sports and Human Development (ISSDH) by a score of 25-15.