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There have been several ways proposed on how to engage the youth and sports is definitely one of the most effective. School sports is one of the fundamental, foundational aspect of a child’s growth. Here kids learn discipline, team play and courage. They also learn the varying emotions of winning and loosing which builds them up for the guaranteed emotional ups and downs that life brings especially for those who turn professional athlete. 

Moving forward a few years. The University sports is a crucial part of any national sports development, whether is in the academics of physical education or students athletes. This is why in the Africa federations like FASU and its members (National level) are working hard to make university sports events stay relevant. 

These students athletes spend 4 or more years in universities competing and schooling, while some of them move on to become professional athletes, Most do not and will have to blend in with the rest of life, but the question is who reports about university sports? Do you even know what your national university sports organization is called? What about the regional and African games when are they held? Do you know what it takes to compete at the world university games? This is where Glitzsport comes in.

 At Glitzsport we bring you actions from university sports events a cross the continent of Africa, we have interviews with student athletes, details on local and continental rivalries and bring you all the excitement that nobody knows exists in University sports in this our great continent. 

Glitzsport also goes further to introduce sports relevant and related opportunities for student athletes and those interested in sports. 

Wait!!! Yes I know you are not an athlete, but you have a flair for writing and photography, you can join our train, we provide a platform for student journalist to publish sports related articles, photos and videos. 

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