The Lagos Open Squash Tournament came to a close over the weekend with winners in different categories as Olatunji Busayo, a 22-year old University of Lagos Student emerged champion of the senior female category, winning all her games enroute the final.

In what was an emotional and happy moment for the 200L Human Kinetics and Health Education student, she sat with Us correspondent to discuss how it went, where it all began and where she hopes to be in the future.

Q: How does it feel being a Squash champion in Lagos?

A: I feel great and happy because I’ve always worked towards becoming a champion one day. When I was a junior, I always saw seniors win tournaments and there’s this kind of thing associated with champions, people come to you, talk to you and relate with you differently and I’ve always wanted that for myself and I really feel good. But then being a champion is easy, maintaining it is the hard part and I hope I can remain here at least for a while.

Q: How long have u been playing squash and how did u get into the sport?

A: This is my 13th year playing squash. I got to know squash through my sister who usually played it while I was into Tennis and since then it’s been Squash for me.

Q: NUGA is coming, what is your target in the competition and what other sports will you be participating in aside squash?

A: NUGA is a great opportunity for me. Before gaining admission, I saw some of my colleagues playing NUGA and representing schools and I felt one day I would be in that position and I’m happy about that today. I will be playing Squash and Handball because I play Handball on professional level as well. I represented Seasider Babes at the last Lagos Prudent Handball tournament and I’ve been training hard in both sports as I’m the female team captain for both sports in Unilag. It’s not been easy especially combining everything with my academics.

Q: How supportive have your parents and family been towards your decision to play squash and what’s your coach/trainer’s name?

A: Initially when my sister, Olatunji Yemisi started playing Squash, it was difficult because my mum did not really like it but my dad did. Along the line, she started playing and winning competitions so when I decided to start, it was like she had already paved the way for me so my parents were happy and have been so supportive in every aspect since then. My sister happens to be my coach.

Q: In 5 years time, where do you see yourself as a squash player?

A: I want to be among the top 20 in the world in professional squash, making Nigeria, my family and myself proud. Wherever I am, be it in Nigeria or outside, that’s my goal, going for tournaments, winning, living happily as I’ll be done with school and facing my career, hopefully endorsements come in as well and the likes and I’m really working hard towards all these.