Under the supervision of the regional delegate for youth, sports and physical education in Sfax and the University of Sfax, the Sports Association of the Higher Institute of Arts and Crafts of Sfax organized the fifth annual kayak session among university institutions in the wilaya of Sfax.

The 5th university canoeing tournament had a large participation of 80 students in the men’s and women’s category. This tournament was held on the island of Kerkennah, at the Grand Hotel.

The men’s results:
1st place: Salim Ouerghami IPEIS Sfax
2nd place: Mohamed Aziz Ben Atiya FMusique Sfax
3rd place: Malek Chelly FMusique Sfax
The women’s results:
1st place: Amna Mallek Multimedia Sfax
2nd place: Chems Aslil Chelly FCommerce Sfax
3rd place: Fatma Alila ES Electronic Sfax