The FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy is an educational program organised to create a volunteering community around the world, to provide crucial training about university sport to young students across the world by exposing them to the activities of the International University Sport Federation(FISU) and awarding them the position of ambassadorship to further the cause of university sport and to propagate sport values in their respective campuses..

The FVLA is important for African students because it provides an opportunity for interaction, sharing of ideas and networking with our counterparts from other continents. It gives an opportunity to travel and have a cultural exchange with other students but more importantly, it makes us a contributor to the development of  collegiate sport as we work with our respective National University Sport Federation.

Some of the previous participants of the academy shared their favorite moment(s) and what the academy means for African students.

Mohammed Halim Ghana

Mohammed Halim

“When we joined the breakout session to share our thoughts  in groups about the online session and how the feeling was like. I happened to be in group 4 and I was surprised everyone was expressing exactly what I was actually feeling about the session. It was lovely.” 

“It is important for African students because it makes us get a brief understanding on how FISU Works and help student athletes and also help one to get links with other students all around the world.”

Binta Cissé Niger

Binta Cisse

“My best memory of The FVLA was the online September session, particularly the last day when they played a video in which some students ambassadors are doing sport

As African students, participating in the FVLA is a great chance through which we can share and promote African sport activities in general and particularly those of each country. Also, it helps us to make a lot of friends around the world that we know that at least we share the same passion, which is Sport.”

Shonisani Masutha South Africa

Shonisani Masutha

 “My best memory at the FISU Volunteer Leadership Academy would be the opening ceremony, we met with different people from different countries wearing our traditional attires and being our authentic selves and sharing experiences, that for me tops it all.”

“At FVLA you get to interact, share knowledge, understand other countries and how sports work in those places and you can always use that in order to improve where you are. My advice to you as an African student and people from other continents, please do apply for the FVLA, because you get to understand that where you’re based either in Africa or anywhere else is different from where other people are based, this means you get to learn from other students. You also get to understand the things that you do not have, and the things you have that you can use to your advantage.”  

Jihad Hamadi Libya 

Jihad Hamadi

“I liked the time when we had to play sports together for an hour every day. I also enjoyed when we gathered and everyone got to speak, this is because you get to learn new things and look at things from different perspectives. 

I encourage all African students to apply for the FISU Volunteer Leadership Academy to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. It is very important for Africans especially as it helps bring young leaders from different nations together. I still maintain contact with all the African Ambassadors I met at the FVLA 2019 & 2020 so I encourage everyone to apply.”

 Nakimuli Florence Suzan – Uganda

Nakimuli Florence Suzan

“My best memory was the World Cup experience, I honestly appreciated that day of 29th June 2018.. I still remember this day because not only did they treat us special but the legacy being on the first row of VIPs..

African students should take part in the FVLA, because it opens your mind to diversity and exposure, after my FVLA program there are so many opportunities that came my way eg. The masters scholarship I am pursuing here in South Korea. Thank you FISU.” 

The application process has begun for the 2021 FVLA. To read on how to apply, read here