The online portal for registration for the 10th FASU Games Kenyatta University 2022 opened on 1st September 2021.

Universities are encouraged to register their athletes and officials for the upcoming games while schools that have participated in the following events can access their online accounts using the last login details used. This also applies to universities that had also applied for the 10th FASU Games in 2020 before they were postponed; 8th and 9th FASU Games; 10th and 11th EAUGames; 15th,16th & 17th AUUS Games; 6th and 7th KUSA Games.

1-To access your account visit and click register.
2-Search for your university, or directly enter your user mail and password.
3-In case you forgot your password, you can reset it by clicking “Forgot PWD” and follow the prompts. An email with details will be sent to you.
4-In case you want to change the contact person or you are no longer at the said institution, please send us an email providing the email and details of the new contact person for this institution.
5- You may also check to spam folder for emails

All entries by individual universities may be subjected to a review and verification process by the relevant national university sports federation.

Visit: FASU AFRICA if you need any further guidance.